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Share A Book India Association is back with its annual book collection drive, one of India’s largest from September 20th to October 5th, 2019. It's your chance to drive change into the lives of thousands of children that need your help and support to brighten up their future. 

It is said that people who are passionate beyond belief about their dreams, are usually the ones who achieve all of them. There is an interesting story about a teenager named Jadhav "Molai" Payeng who started planting one tree at a time thirty years ago. In Assam, the floods had at the time laid the land bare, and forest officials believed that only bamboos could probably be grown there. All alone, Molai started planting trees bit by bit, which has now become a 1360 acre forest!

Every tiny drop makes an ocean. We want to provide an ocean filled with knowledge, opportunities, and insights for student from low-resource communities in India. Share A Book India Association's mission is crucial to enhancing the primary education system in our country more sooner than later. In an effort to pool our endeavors with those across all communities in India, our Diwali Book Donation Drive is the perfect platform where you can affect positive change.

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Why you should volunteer

Statistically speaking, in a sample of the population that was surveyed in NSS 2014, 236 males and 185 females per 1000 respondents are never enrolled for primary schooling owing to financial constraints.

This, in a country whose population is in the excess of 132 crores, is a massive segment of the society which lacks formal primary education. The problem also isn't limited to just rural areas. Urban poor and families with low household incomes cannot afford to send their children to local schools. At the turn of the century where girl child education is actually upheld in high regard, a domestic help may be toiling all day just to send her daughter to school. Can you imagine seeing a newspaper in front of you and not being able to read it?This is where our responsibilities come in. If you are reading this, you have access to the internet, and have a gadget that you can afford. It is safe to assume that we're from a background of large excesses. Why not share our fortune with those that really deserve and need it? Children should not be viewing books like a luxury. Reading and the right to proper education is a fundamental birthright of all the citizens of our country. 

The Math: It really is that simple

Where the magic really happens is in the second of the three R's - Reuse. Out of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, we know that recycling one ton of paper can save about 17 trees. But the skill of Reuse places more importance on the resources that are already available - in this case, books that are already in print but unused! They may be unused because they have already been read, or because there was no proper channel to direct them to. But all said and done, we can estimate a large pool of such books which children are more than willing to read. Assuming the bare minimum of one book per child, 10 such books donated from a single source are providing reading material for those 10 children. What's more, since this Donation Drive spanned different cities across our country, a significantly large number of books were donated. A child will not read merely one book. These books will continue to be reused in the entire ecosystem and eventually will build leaders out of the little readers.

Do your bit. Get, set, donate! We are open 24/7 for book donations. 

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