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Bringing India together through a Reading Revolution

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Do you think that complete strangers across a country as large and versatile as India come together over a period of 2 weeks to make a difference to the lives of many students. Well that is exactly what happened with Share A Book India Association's Diwali Book Donation drive. Conducted across the country’s landscape, the drive struck at the heart of book lovers and people who are highly enthusiastic to be the change. Our aim was to collect books towards setting up of libraries in underprivileged and low income schools across India.

Over the course of interactions at Kota, the founders came face to face with the fact that most of the students in these low income schools had no access to library books and their reading and comprehension ability was alarming under question. So they came up with a solution of providing library facilities and additionally generating interest among the kids with fun reading and library development activities that will help the kids become more confident and improve their leadership skills and soft skills too. In one of the schools, a volunteer asked the kids in high school this simple question “ What is 2 * 22 ?” , and the answer given was “8. Very simple 2*2 is 4, 4*2 is 8”. This can change if we have a regular intervention at schools and also help generate interest among kids as to why they are reading and learning these in the first place. What better way to do that, than with stories. The donation drive involved a lot of work, coordination and planning in getting volunteers at various places. It gives SABIA great pleasure to tell you that people from various parts of the country came forward in great numbers; people who had never seen each other, never heard each other’s voice — came together for a cause that they believed in. Our team of 150 volunteers were able to collect 17500 and more books in a period of two to 17 days. We will let the sheer scale of these efforts sink in, as you make the mental calculations . YES,YES,YES, more than 100 to 150 schools across India, more than 2000 kids on an easy average shall now have access to these books, reading sessions and storytelling sessions. Our volunteers and people from across India united came forward to give their books, time and interest. People generously donated books, some even travelling long distances to drop them. Then there were some who even volunteered to buy books and donate they didn’t have any. It is a testament to the empathetic spirit that is still alive in people. We're overwhelmed to have experienced the power of kindness in full force. Such a heartwarming feeling is it not?

SABIA has centres in Rajasthan, Delhi and Mumbai too. With volunteers running the library development classes in these states and a lot of states to be added in the interim next year; it is safe to say that India’s reading revolution has begun. If you are reading this and want to join us in any capacity possible or still wish to donate then you can do so by sending books to our permanent address at Share A Book India Association C-167, Talwandi, Kota, Rajasthan – 324005

For monetary contribution please donate through our milaap fundraiser. You can also contact us at and we shall aid you in your quest to help the future of India become better in their overall development!!!

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