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UPDATES '22: Building Stronger Foundations for Sabia


PRIYANKA KHANNA - Well-known as the Fashion Features editor (former) for the most sought-after fashion Magazine – Vogue, Ms. Khanna is a speaker, writer, and editor, besides being an avid reader. Besides extensively talking about parenting, fashion, and culture for publications around the world, she is all set to launch her debut book, published by Penguin, in December 2022. We are more than excited to have her on board with us.

ASHA HARIHARAN - An award-winning Colorist, Makeup Artists, and Educationist, Ms. Hariharan is a leading consultant to major cosmetic, hair brands, and salons. Her love for everything beauty and education led her to co-found her education school, AHA! to support and holistically spread

the business of beauty for aspiring students, entrepreneurs, and companies. We can’t wait to have her talk and help us learn more about the importance of education and the beauty industry.

DR. REKHA CHAUDHARI - She is a global wellness ambassador for India, an international entrepreneur, and a social activist for Non-Profit Organizations like World Digital Detox Day and Mother’s Touch ZEP Foundation. Her research of Mothers Touch Indian Prenatal Traditions has received global recognition with Harvard University, John Hopkins University, and Oxford University making her the first-ever author to talk about this concept. We are grateful for her presence at SABIA.

ISHIKA MOHAN MOTWANE - An independent photography professional, Ms. Motwane has been a part of 17 feature films, including Netflix’s ‘Sacred Games." She narrates the stories behind the films via stunning images captured through her lenses. Her unique way of story-telling through still pictures is what captured our hearts, and so will yours. We are thrilled to have her on board.


Curated by Katha Kathan, the winter-story-telling fest was like a cup of hot chocolate in chilly weather – warm, sweet, and like a long hug. With stories of warmth and cheer being narrated by the spirited storytellers of Share A Book India Association, the fest was fun.

The mood was instantly lit up by Tanha Ji followed by Lalitha narrating stories of good, old times when traditional celebrations were treasured. Ananya, our teen storyteller, characterised the beloved Tenali Raman, while Parul made us all listen intently to her story about what went about in Seth Pakodimal’s daughter's wedding. Shubhra, our youngest storyteller, took us to the moon and back, quite literally.

While we know you might be wondering what we are talking about exactly, we insist you do not miss out on our next Story Telling Session and get to know what it’s all about yourself. We assure you that it’s nothing less than fun and joy. See you soon!


A small action, a little gesture, and a tiny little help can lead to greatness. Our Book

Donation Drive, organized in a society in Chandkheda, Ahmedabad, did exactly that for us. Led by Ritika Agarwal and Smit Vavadia from Team Sabia, where they joined the society’s Republic Day celebrations and talked about the ethos and values of our humble NGO and also the work done there. We must say, a little spark of inspiration did fly across the celebrations as many people came forward to donate storybooks, old laptops, and so much more. What melted our hearts was that so many people came forward to volunteer and were excited to organise many more such events. Such small acts of kindness and willingness to do something for society surely restore our faith in humanity.

If you’re looking forward to doing a little something for the society and entering the realm of newness, please do get in touch with us. We’re always looking for your support in any way possible. You can connect with us over social media or through our website.


We’re excited, elated, and all the more encouraged to keep doing the work towards establishing the love of reading, learning, and education. Reason? We’re happy to share with you that SABIA is now 80G and 12A certified. WHAT DO THESE CERTIFICATIONS MEAN? In simple terms, these certificates are granted to Organisations that do not indulge in profit-making or any kind of trade by the government. Once approved by the IT Departments, these certificates are granted to charitable organizations as well as donors to such organizations thereby giving them tax exemptions.


Adding another feather to the hat, SABIA is proud to announce the opening of a Community Library in Jaipur by the name PINKY’s BOOK BANK. The library is a thoughtful start towards giving children from underserved backgrounds a free library space to read and grow. The library will also constitute a digital learning centre, where kids will get the benefit of learning the basics of computers. We’re also excited to announce the opening of one more similar Community Library in collaboration with the Enactus Team of SRCC College in Bangalore.


On the occasion of National Science Day (February 28), 100 KPMG employees conducted read-aloud sessions of STEM-based stories as SABIA volunteers. They inspired over 500 young minds from 13 of our partner schools across India and talked to the students about different scientific discoveries and events while encouraging kids to take part in many fun activities.


SABIA has joined hands with Shipyaari, an E-commerce logistics solution to transport storybooks to the schools that have partnered with us all over India, to implement our Library Development Program. We welcome ShipYaari on board.

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