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Why should parents encourage reading from an early age

As parents, would you want your kids to grow up, in today’s social media addicted, selfie crazy and constantly noisy world, to be self absorbed and apathetic beings?

I think not! Obviously, you would want them to be bright and smart. But just because you’ve spent a lot of time and money to ensure that your kids go to the best school and are exposed to the best curriculum, doesn’t mean your job as a parent has ended. If you want your kids to develop healthy traits, you’ll have to get up and switch off the television set as well as unplug the Wi-Fi. Its time you inculcated more rewarding habits in your child, READING being one of them.

In words of Victor Hugo,

“To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark.”

Research says –

To emphasize on this point, I have complied a few scientific and psychological reasons, as to why encouraging kids to read from an early age is really important.

1 Better Learning Ability

A newborn baby has about 200 million active brain cells, which under right simulations can branch out upto 20 times more, storing additional information. In other words, this process of increasing connections of brain cells is a direct result of experiences that a child has during early ages of life. The brain cells make new branches or connections, instilling a lifelong urge of not only reading but also more importantly, learning. While reading, a child is exposed to many new concepts and morals, which results in increase of grasping power.

2 Better Academic Prospects

A child’s academic success is also directly linked to his/her exposure to reading. It has been scientifically proven that the kids who read regularly can understand their grade’s curriculum betteras well as that of a grade higher than theirs.

3 Better Vocabulary

While growing up, most kids struggle with pronunciations and meaning of words. However, this struggle is mostly ignored, as we believe that children will eventually improve on this over time. Even as adults we are learning new words each day, so just imagine what that can mean for your young ones. Stumbling upon a new word and looking for its meaning while comprehending the gist of a sentence is a beautiful exercise for the brain which only reading can provide. Also, early readers can identify words fastermaking them better at vocabulary than their peers.

4 Booster for self confidence

Psychologists say that reading and self-confidence are directly proportional. Early reading ignites imagination, maturity, discipline and lays foundation for moral literacy. Not only this but also young readers are also believed to be less susceptible to attention disorders.

In conclusion, reading has a tremendous effect on all aspects of our personality and enhances our linguistic prowess. Whatever we grow up to become in our lives, somewhere or the other, we owe it to our reading habits. Make sure your children are growing up with the desirable kind.

By Sabnoor Bharj

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