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Dreams take shape this International Literacy Day at SABIA

Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world. –Malala Yousafzai. 

On 8th September, a Saturday, the entire world celebrated International Literacy Day. And perhaps you did too, in your schools and colleges. We were no exception. Like what Malala Yousafzai has said, literacy is truly a bridge from misery to hope. You can read this article today, and I could write it, , because we were lucky enough to have been sent to schools and colleges and to have received one of the most basic human rights- that is of literacy. But let us be socially educated as well. Let us recognize that not everyone has had the fortune to get that; what we got by default, is a privilege- a luxury for some. 

So on this day, our volunteers asked our children- in the schools under SABIA- to write a letter to their future selves. And these kids poured their hearts out. Reading these letters was an intense emotional time for our volunteers as well. The dreams and aspirations of these children are just like those of any other child in the country, and just like any other child, we hope that these kids too, will achieve them. 

So our volunteers asked the kids to write the letter based on four specific points, which were like- where they saw themselves in ten years, how they would get there, the struggles they expected to face and how India would support them. These kids were also asked to trace the shape of their palm on the paper. 

Talking with a volunteer proved insightful. He said that the idea behind this activity was to help the children visualize their goals, dreams and aspirations. Moreover, it would give clarity regarding how we at SABIA, as well as the masses, can improve the nation so as to make it better, and so that in turn, the children can achieve their multitude of dreams. 

The answers that the children provided were as different and unique as the seven colours of the rainbow, and perhaps even more. They want to be doctors, astronauts, archaeologists, footballers and so on. So many want to do their moral duty- and help feed poor and destitute children- these innocent and optimist souls are already hoping to give back to society just as much as they have received. They want to spread education and unite India under the shades of happiness. But what stops these children is the utter lack of resources and funding, and a lack of guidance. 

Today, let us pledge to share, care and replace this misery with hope. Nobody deserves it more than these precious children. And who better to be a change maker, than YOU? 

By Nayanika Saikia

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