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SABIA launches its Diwali Book Drive

What stimulates our dreams & imaginations the most? Books that we read. They encourage us for years thereafter. So, for several unprivileged low-income group schools' students, Share ABook, India Association (SABIA) brings in books and opportunity to set up library and augment children’s choice of reading.

The opportunity will increase many folds with the big Diwali-Special Book-Donation Drive initiated by SABIA from 20thOctober to 7thNovember, 2018. Many drop points have been set up all over cities such Delhi-NCR, Kota, Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Jaipur, Ahemdabad and some more.

On Saturday evening, volunteers from all over Delhi-NCR region gathered at Open Theatre, Central Park in Connaught Place to initiate the Drive's Launch. A lantern was lighted to mark the start. And, as the blazing spark under the lantern, rose it in sky, itinvigorated hope for change in the eyes of all who witnessed the moment.

Drive's launch was graced by the presence of Delhi Book Fairies along with their London Head Manager, who established book sections for children with special needs admitted in hospitals. A new collaboration formed with SABIA, whose volunteers together stepped forward to conduct story reading sessions for children in hospitals every once in a while.

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