Kota buys bookmarks for a change

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

Bookwalk, a fundraiser was organized by SABIA from 20th to 22nd July at  TRP Cafe, Kota. It was an exhibition of the children's creativity and involved plenty of bookish challenges. People happily bought the bookmarks made by children during Kitab Utsav. The bookmarks were made using discarded sheets, old sketch pens, torn laces and many more items that were earlier waste. Creativity of the children who made them was appreciated by all. It was overwhelming to see so many people walking in to make a difference. Each bookmark bought took us closer to our goal - a book in the hands of every child. The winners of Kitab Utsav also visited on the last day of Bookwalk and enjoyed themselves at the venue. Our efforts to bring about a change in their lives have been received with open arms. And we are eternally grateful for the children, who made Bookwalk a reality through their creativity and enthusiasm and our city Kota for its love and support.

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