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Importance Of Creative Learning Spaces In The Lives Of Our Future Leaders

Compared to Western countries and their innovative curricula and methodologies, our education system is still hung up on rote-learning and outdated pedagogical methods. There is no real emphasis on creativity, critical thinking or learning practical life-skills and values (such as public speaking, problem solving, ethics, etc.) that would help children navigate our ever-changing modern world. Thus, we need a more constructive and radical approach that would help groom our kids for the future and realize their full potential.

Why Online Creative Learning Camp?

Over recent years, numerous educators and institutions have been working on similar ideas and innovations. However, traditional classroom teaching and practices like organizing summer camps took a huge hit due to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 virus in late 2019. Since then, the pandemic has drastically changed how things work. Businesses, systems, institutions and organizations have been forced to develop alternate methods and technologies to be able to continue their services. The field of education is no exception, as the new mantra of ‘digital/online’ has been adopted by schools and ministries alike.

In spite of these strange and hard times, we believe that there is hope for the young ones to grow and work towards a better future. Therefore, just like last year, we are again coming up with an online creative learning space for your children.

Why #LearnWithSABIA?

Akin to traditional summer camps, our flagship project 'Learn with SABIA' provides an online creative learning space for school-going kids. After last year’s success, we are back this summer with even more enthusiasm and dedication to give your children the best learning environment possible.

Once again, keeping in mind the new normal, there is an emphasis on ‘creativity’. Let’s think from the perspective of students who just completed the academic session 2020-21. All year long, they went through the conventional teaching system, which lacks the basic element that all kids yearn for, i.e. ‘learning with fun’. This is why every child desperately waits for summer vacations. To make sure that our kids continue to learn during this break from the traditional classroom, we must provide them with safe, inclusive and interactive learning spaces. Only then as educators and parents, can we build an experience which has a long-term impact.

We, at SABIA, specialize in providing such creative and fun learning sessions across a variety of skill-based subjects, such as self-defense, arts and crafts, cooking, wellbeing awareness and theatre. Our courses have been intuitively designed with the help of skilled professionals to engage your kids and bring out their full potential.

Anyone between the ages of 5-16 years is eligible for our courses and activities. Each subject will be covered in-depth over a period of 8 classes.

Come join us!

Let your kids be a part of this adventure that we have planned for them. It will surely leave them with valuable memories and insights for life. *Click here to register NOW*

Article by - Mohit Sharma

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