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The Waiting Place

When it didn't touch our town

We were squandering our time running a race

To buy that flat in the city or a drive in the lane.

We have all had a long list of dreams to follow

And yet a million more items to chase.

Until one day suddenly, the fear for our lives,

contained us inside and eventually

led us to a quieter, safer place -

The waiting place.

Waiting for schools to open and buses to arrive;

ears strained to catch the honking of engines

and rantings of crowds nearby;

longing to sit under trees outside;

to taste the cultures we adore

and those that we don't know about.

Everyone is waiting -

to tie again the laces of their shoes,

to never again forget the freedom of any route

to soak in every color of Mother Earth;

To blow a kiss to this world.

Waiting around for a yes.

To breathe a sigh of relief.

Another chance to live-

Once again, wild and free

But maybe this time,

A little more compassionately?

- Poem by Riya Raj

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